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You are a soldier, serving in a female-only military unit stationed on some shithole of a planet. It will be fun they said, serving in a chick-only unit Is very progressive they said… yeah right.

To alleviate the boredom, you decide to go skinny-dipping with your fellow soldiers in the nearby lagoon. The life is great… for about 10 minutes… after that the planet starts to suddenly fall apart and the only way out of here is a helicopter, parked back at the base.

The only problem is… everyone wants a ride and there is only one seat.

And so there you are, with nothing but your naked ass and a crate full of vibrators and butt plugs, which was delivered to your base as a joke during a supply run.

There is no time to grab your clothes…

There is no time to get your weapon…

Your fellow female comrades are swarming the helipad from all sides..

It's time to grab a dildo and go to work.

Note: You can adjust the mouse sensitivity with the numpad +/- buttons, I forgot to mention it in the game.

This is a small game made in a short time specifically for the AGDG lewd jam, with the Unity 3D engine. This game is not supposed to be taken seriously.

Tags3D, agdg, free, lewd, nsfw
Average sessionA few minutes


Something Lewd This Way Comes.zip 53 MB


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Does this game have more than two endings?

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VERY late reply but eh, nope, only two endings, the game was quickly put together for the lewd jam, so there was not time for polish or extended features such as more endings.

I don't even know whether I should be fapping or laughing